2015, 14 Augustus - 1 Oktober, Inspirational adventure around the USA

2014 Minor Art & Theory, AKV Sint Joost, Breda (NL)
2013 Minor Ceramics, AKV Sint Joost, Den Bosch (NL)

2011 - 2015 Bachelor of Fine arts, AKV Sint Joost Breda, Graduated
2009 - 2011 School voor Fotografie, Breda, Graduated


2015 November - 2016 October, Concept developer and Programmer Art and Culture at het Kunstcafe as part of de Oude rechtbank, Eindhoven
2016 October - now, Creator of OVERMORROW, the world
2017 March - now, projectmanager Tante Netty, Eindhoven


Notting right now, I'm open for invites!


exhibitions in the future
Nothing right now, so invite me!

exhibitions from the past

2017 21 april t/m 18 juni. WALLPAPER an off- and online expo
curated by MAMA en Art Baby Gallery
2015 24 dec. - 2016 10 jan. MAMA's X-MAS CRIB Welcome to the jingle! Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam, NL.
2015 part 1 Interference 2015/'16: Color Temperature, garage Het Turfschip, Breda (NL)
2015 WAVE Awards, groupexhibition, Willem II Fabriek, Den Bosch (NL)
2015 Eind Expositie AKV Sint Joost, groupexhibition, Breda (NL)
2015 "Don't you wonder sometimes", groupexhibition, Psylab festival, NulZes Eindhoven (NL)
2015 ‘Palais Idéal’, groupexhibition, De Fabriek, Eindhoven (NL)
2014 Weiner Melange, groupexhibition, Tetterode Amsterdam (NL)
2014 ‘Ik heb het gedaan’, groupexhibition, Duvelhok, Tilburg (NL)
2013 Minor exposition, groupexhibition, First Floor, Den Bosch (NL)

exhibition organizer
2016 Sun of Wolves, Kunstcafe Eindhoven
2016 Tarek Bershta, Kunstcafe Eindhoven
2016 Davy de Lepper, Kunstcafe Eindhoven
2016 Karlijn de Groot, Kunstcafe Eindhoven

2015 Nomination WAVE Award, Wave of Tomorrow

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